mandag 2. mars 2015

Big Data for Life Sciences at Universitat Polytectica de Valencia

The announcement.

Last week I did the first lecture abroad based on the thematics in my book. I was able to visit the beautiful city of Valencia and the impressice UPV, where I was met by both great staff and great students. This post is meant as a resource-page for the attending students.

The students
The presentation: Big Data in Life Sciences


Big Data: The management revolution - HBR

Classification of Big Data: UNECE

UNECE Big Data recorces

List of Android Sensors 

More on Data Mining

I had a question regarding how much data to capture. More on data granularity.

There was a question regarding big data and genome research, I met with Susana Barcelo Cerda and Sonia Tarazona Campos at UPV who are working on that, please look up their publications.

There are lot of interesting resources online on sensors for different Life Sciences, I suggest doing your own resarch into the material.

Thank you for inviting me,

Tarjei A Heggernes

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